Taking advantages of local economy

Vietnam Market Insights

Vietnam outperforms many of these economies
on key macroeconomic indicators. It ranks second highest for forecast GDP growth, with a 6.5 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) per year, and has the fastest middle-class growth, forecast at 9.2 percent CAGR up to 2023.

Source: McKinsey

The Power of Research Universities

The universities’ role in the local economy is both broad and critically important. "Building high-quality research and teaching universities that are innovative and relevant to market demands is essential." At JOMO Research, we are working on this issue to not waste the resourceful R&D more.

Source: ADB

Thriving Locally 

Understanding the local economy – it is really
important for businesses and local decision-makers to understand the real strengths and opportunities in the local economy itself and as that local economy relates to the broader economy. Smaller businesses are the lifeblood of our economy, helping them grow will be crucial to our future economic success as a nation.

How JOMO Research works

We utilize the power of research universities, onboard additional experts with specific expertise, and apply the hybrid research method 
to deliver the practical go-to-Vietnam-market strategy. We focus on the outcomes that matter to help the businesses grow.

Looking for your tailor-made solution?

We are not one-stop-shop for every solution. We are here to help you answer the only one important question for your business: How to enter the Vietnam market?

You might be asked to share with us:
  • The contact detail 
  • The business name
  • Objectives
  • Goals
  • Measurement Metrics
  • Why Vietnam market?

01: Request for Proposal

Head up: We ask a lot. Questioning and asking help us understand clearly the big picture that our clients aim for. We take a request for proposal serious, and we get back within 48 working hours.

02: Research & Development

If we are a right match, we start working with the universities to deliver the tailor-made solutions. The quality research certified by our local experts at regional standards.

03: Market & Business Development

With every research, we also provide market and business development in practice. That means we are happy to assist our clients to reach out their key partners or their potential customers/clients.

Partner with 

JOMO Research

Yes, we can't move forward alone

Visitors, Students, teachers, universities, experts, investors, media, and communities are welcome at JOMO Research. We are open to any partnership and business opportunity. Our objective is to utilize the local resources such as the universities research, local human capital at high-quality service standard to help, to support Vietnam economy growth.